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State Nobleness Is It’s Size In The Country’s Constitution

…. but many countries deviate from the Constitution due to politicians not understanding the norm, so that power encompasses personal, group, and coalition interests and finally politics becomes an unlimited power.

Therefore, many countries whose norms are in accordance with the Constitution, the country will be able to continue to run on good rails, for example: Japan, South Korea, America, Britain, Germany ……

….. well how Indonesia whose Constitution has been based on LAW ARE THE COMMANDERS, AS WELL AS A TROUBLE FOR THE GREAT PROSPERITY OF PEOPLE …. ?????…

….. The most politicians in Indonesia today are those from traders, cartel entrepreneurs, very few sycophants based on political cadres and community activists. Even those who are from political cadres and community activists, they have been colored by the materialist aspects and the swift demands of consumerism brought by the consumers merchant politicians, cartel entrepreneurs and finally they are congruent.

The impact of this problem is clearly seen from the national development program in the fields of economy, human resources, technology, health which is materialism and greatly deviates from the state constitution 17 AUGUST 1945 AND PANCASILA and with their will through their power, to amend the interpretation of the Constitution as they wish…..

…… of course the economic cake is for them to apparatus and state institutions to hold mutual enjoyment in power such as, legislative, judiciary, police, military and others related to the enjoyment of that pleasure. And if we are careful at this time TATALAKSANA governs and states in Indonesia, it is far from the constitution of the country 17 AUGUST 1945 AND PANCASILA,…

……. but it is a pity that the people still have little understanding of “sovereignty”,….
…… so that this is a delicious “oil field” for opportunists politics entering power,…..

….. see according to the Bureau of Statistics the majority of the uneducated population, elementary, junior high school, senior high school and academic are still in the range of 67%,……

…… how will a country compete in the global era … ???,
BUT this is the pleasure in want to be achieved by the politicians, because they are free to do what they want to do with themselves as COUNTRY OWNER ….

…… Congratulations and success for your are all business … Sad

Jakarta, 19th April 2020

Saut Aritonang
The Union Activies

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